Creative, Concepts, Business Modeling

I am very creative individual. One of those guy's that always sees opportunities where others see problems. I enjoy crafting unique solutions for business opportunities or building a complete brand based off a scribble on a napkin. Several of my ideas have gone as far as becoming a business model pitch, getting funding and services built. I started in the internet business in 1993 between the release of the first web browser Mosaic written by Mark Andreeson and the release of this first commercial product with Jim Clark called Netscape. I have been through every facet of Web 1.0, Web 2.0, the portal movement, the blogging movement and was a very early proponent of the mobile movement.

Here are some creative services that I provide:

Concept Consulting
You can hire me for an hour, day, week or for a fixed fee to pitch creative concepts for base idea you have.